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Hakuba Car Rental

Whether it is just going to the ski slopes, going to buy groceries, or making a day trip to Matsumoto Castle or the Snow Monkeys, having your own car opens up a lot of great possibilities.

Hakuba is a valley, which offer 10 different resorts within just a few minutes of each other.

If you're here for more than a couple days, you'll definitely visit other resorts. If you're hear for a week or more, it's likely you'll want to take a day trip somewhere.

Having a car in Hakuba makes life easy and gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Professional Service

From roadside assistance to customer service, our bilingual staff will be here for you when you need support.

Convenient Location

We are located in central Hakuba, in Echoland, making car pick up and returns convenient.

We also offer a car delivery service, straight to your front door. We're happy to meet you at your chalet, hotel, the train station, or anywhere within in the Hakuba Valley.

Car Types

All of our cars are 4-wheel drive and come with snow tires and roof racks. We also offer add-ons such as baby seats.

If you are in need of any assistance, our bilingual staff will be happy to help.

Two car types to choose from, all of our cars are 4-wheel drive and come equipped with snow tires and English GPS.   A

dd ons such as premium insurance coverage and baby seats also available.

Toyota Hi Ace

Hakuba Car Rental

  • MAKE : Toyota
  • MODEL : Hi-Ace
  • TRANSMISSION: Automatic
  • POWER : 176 hp

The Toyota Hi-Ace is a 8 seater, 4WD van perfect for families or large groups. The seats are built for comfort and rear seats fold flat if you are need of extra luggage space. Comes equipped with ABS brakes, twin airbags and snow tires. If your group is bigger than 8, please message us.

Toyota Alphard

Hakuba Car Rental

  • MAKE : Toyota
  • MODEL : Alphard
  • TRANSMISSION: Automatic
  • POWER : 276 hp

If you are looking for a high end minivan, the Alphard is for you. All seats are reclinable and move back and forth so all passengers can tweak settings to their liking. 4-WD and snow tires come standard.

2019 / 20 Prices

Hakuba Car Rental Prices

  • Prices are per day (24 hours period)


All of our cars are insured. If you would like extensive insurance coverage, please go through your choice of travel insurance company.

Some travel insurance plans include coverage for rental cars or offer it as an optional add-on to cover car rental when you travel.

Driving in Japan

Please be aware that it is not possible to drive in Japan with just your driving license issued in your home country. To drive a vehicle legally in Japan, you need an International Driver Permit or a Japanese Driver License.

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