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Getting Around Hakuba

Whether you prefer to jump on a shuttle bus, book a taxi or hire a car and drive yourself, there are plenty of options to get around the Hakuba Valley.


Shuttle Bus Services

The Hakuba Valley operates a shuttle bus service connecting 9 ski areas in the Hakuba Valley during the daytime and a nighttime bus for restaurants and nightlife.

In addition, each individual ski area runs its own shuttle bus service to access their ski area.


Car Rental

Whether you want to explore all the ski and snowboard resorts Hakuba Valley has to offer or visit local tourist attractions, we can provide a car to make everything easy.

Hakuba Taxis

Hakuba is very spread out so walking is not always the best option.

Luckily, local taxis are relatively inexpensive, so you can get around Hakuba with ease.

  • Alps Taxi – +81 (0) 261 72 2221
  • Hakuba Kanko Taxi – +81 (0) 261 72 2144
  • Hakuba Kanko Taxi Happo Office – +81 (0) 261 72 2327
  • Omachi Meitetsu Taxi – +81 (0) 261 72 2236
  • Chuo Taxi - +81 (0) 262-82-0232