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Hakuba Private Ski and Snowboard Lessons

Samurai Snow Concierge
Make the most of your time on the mountain whether you ski once a year or more often - whatever your level, private instructors will focus on what you need to improve your skill, confidence and style. 

For one-on-one lessons or private groups of friends/family, private instructors are ready to give you focused training specific to your needs to help you take it to the next level on skis or a snowboard. 

View Hakuba Valley Map

Hakuba Valley Map

Lessons in Goryu with Hakuba Snowsports

Hakuba Goryu Iimori HSS Group Lessons

Hakuba Snowsports are based at Hakuba Goryu resort at the Iimori base area.

There is no limit for private lesson size; you pay a flat rate for the instructor's time regardless of the number in your group.

Lessons in Happo One with Evergreen Ski School

Hakuba Happo One EISS Private Lessons

Happo-one has a wide range of terrain with slopes perfect for any levels - easy slopes to learn the basics, steeper slopes to practice carving, long thigh-burning Olympic race runs, moguls, deep powder fields after a fresh dump and a well-maintained snow-park.

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