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Niseko Hirafu Restaurants

With over 130 bars, restaurants and in-house catering options, Niseko offers an inspired range of international dining options ranging from authentic Japanese cuisine to a multitude of other options serving fusion, ethnic and European cuisine.

For those seeking a formal evening out there are a number of restaurants serving truly gourmet food, making the most of Hokkaido’s fresh vegetables and seafood as the perfect ingredients. These sought-after ingredients combined with the culinary skills of the local chefs will take you to a new world of taste sensation.

For those looking for a more informal meal, visitors can also choose from restaurants offering a wide selection of light meals such as hamburgers and hot-dogs, ramen noodles and okonomiyaki pancakes.

Niseko Hirafu Restaurants & Bars

Some of the intimately sized restaurants in Niseko have just a few tables. For these and the many popular establishments, Reservations are recommended, especially during the peak season. 

Last-minute cancellations and “no-show” causes problems for restaurants and for guests. On behalf of the restaurants, we request that you please:

  • Notify the restaurant well in advance if you wish to change any details of your reservation.
  • Be aware that some restaurants request same-day confirmation of reservations or charge a fee for cancellations or no-shows, in line with their cancellation polices.
  • Please note that most Japanese pubs serve a small mandatory starter that is added to the bill in lieu of a seating charge. (Tipping is not required anywhere in Japan.)

For a complete listing of all restaurants in the Niseko area, please check out the Niseko Wine & Dine Guide

We have chosen our favourite restaurants and listed their details below

Abu Cha 2 Niseko

Abu Cha 2

4 stars |  | Izakaya 

Abu Cha 2's modern interior has capacity for over 100 people with traditional seating arrangements as well as western-style booths.

Staff are bi-lingual and the atmosphere is like a busy izakaya in downtown Tokyo.

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 225 620 | Location >

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HirafuThe Alpinist

4 stars |  | Fondue

Expect a cosy welcoming atmosphere, deliciously made cheese fondue, and friendly, welcoming staff. 

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 217 003 | Location >

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FoodAn Dining & Cafe Bar

 |  | Izakaya

An Dining and An Café & Bar are located in the Ki Niseko lobby and offer produce-inspired fine and casual dining. Marrying raw creativity with years of international experience, Head Chef Shinichi Maeda uses only the freshest Hokkaido produce to delight diners.

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 225 151 | Location > 

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Bang Bang Restaurant Niseko

Bang Bang

4 stars |  | Yakitori

One of Niseko's most popular restaurant that serves fresh Hokkaido sea food, char grilled meat, seafood and vegetable skewers and other Izakaya favourites.

Bang Bang has limited seating and books out early.  

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 224 292  | Location >

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foodBar Moon

 |  | Ramen

A great venue with plenty to offer, including a restaurant serving authentic Japanese fare, and an upstairs reggae bar that comes to life at night!

Middle Hirafu | T: 136 232 265 | Location >

Bar Moon Website

The Barn Niseko

The Barn

4 stars |  | French

Niseko's one and only alpine bistro and bar.

Come and enjoy our new menu of homemade all-season alpine food and wine fare in Hokkaido's warmest authentic bistro atmosphere.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 (0) 136 230 888 | Location >

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fBombay Sizzlers

 |  | Indian

Perfect for a family dinner or an informal affair with friends. Vegetarian, vegan and halal options available. The bar is also well-stocked with local and imported beers and wines.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 136 555 272 | Location >

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Ebisu Tei Restaurant NisekoEbisu Tei

  | Izakaya

Hot and delicious Oden to warm up a cold winter day.

Serving up speciality Odens and a wide range of hand made heartfelt cuisine.

We also have great Umeshu plum wines.

Lower Hirafu | T: +81 (0) 136 226 544 | Location >

fEs Sushi Kato

 |  | Sushi

A modern and luxuriously designed restaurant offering deliciously prepared food and a late-night bar. A great place to meet and mingle.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 505 539 2299 | Location >

Es Sushi Kato Website

Ezo Seafood Restaurant Niseko

Ezo Seafoods

  | Seafood

Fine Hokkaido and world seafood. Where true seafood lovers gather in Niseko to enjoy fresh Hokkaido Oysters, Crab and beautifully cooked seafood dishes.

Non-seafood dishes also available. Wine list for all tastes and budgets. Private room for larger group.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 (0) 136 223 109 | Location >

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fFuyutsuki Niseko Tempura

 |  | Tempura

An ideal venue for casual dining with friends, with an extensive menu offering a variety of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 908 638 4498 | Location >


JoJos Restaurant Niseko


4 stars |  | American

An open terrace offering sweeping views of Mt Yohtei. Great dishes from JoJo's trademark original burger to great variety of pasta, pizza and rice dishes.

The chef's blackboard menu includes steak, fish, roast dinners. This restaurant is really family friendly.

Hirafu Izumikyo | T: +81 (0) 136 232 220 | Location >

Jojos Website

Kamimura Restaurant Niseko


 |  | French

Blessed by land, sea and a creative chef. Kamimura defines exquisite dining in Niseko.

Its intimate, elegant ambience together with stylish interiors offer guests a truly special experience. An intricate fusion of East meets West. We offer an array of degustation menus.

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 (0) 136 212 289 | Location >

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 |  | Izakaya

Kougetsu is a family-run Japanese Izakaya and Bar that takes pride in using only the highest quality ingredients, prepared freshly, with original recipes. The menu includes a variety of Japanese tapas including sashimi and rolled sushi, salads, homemade gyoza, and other local delicacies from farm and sea.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 136 226 028 | Location >

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 |   | Restaurant

Using fresh ingredients from Hokkaido and throughout Japan, Kumo delivers stunning Japanese flavours straight to your plate. 

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 556 421 | Location >

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fKuriya Sessa

4 stars |   | Sukiyakai & Shaku Shabu

Japanese style hotspot serving up authentic local specialties made from the high quality ingredients. Enjoy Wagyu beef, pork and fresh fish alongside a generous selection of sake, wine and homemade Umeshu.

East Hirafu | T: +81 136 232 799 | Location >

Kuriya Sessa Website

fLava Lounge Pizza Niseko

 |   | Pizza

Lava Lounge Sports offers a unique version of the live sporting experience. It’s where you can collectively experience the triumphs, the heartaches, and the last-minute surprises of any game with the best pizza’s Niseko have to offer! Dine-in or Takeaway.

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 558 797 | Location >

Lava Lounge Pizza Niseko Website

fMina Mina

 |   | Izakaya

Warm, cosy and inviting restaurant with friendly staff, known for its hearty Hot Pot and great atmosphere. Serving up a variety of izakaya classics including sashimi, edamame, tofu and chicken dishes.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 804 049 3737 | Location >

Mina Mina Website


 |  | Tapas

Musu is an all-day Bistro serving breakfast & lunch, transforming into an Après-ski Bar late afternoon.

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 217 002 | Location >

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Niseko Pizza Restaurant Niseko

Niseko Pizza

4 stars |   | Pizza

Niseko Pizza is a family-run Restaurant offering a menu made with lots of love and the best quality ingredients.

You will be delighted by the smell, enticed by the flavours, pleased by the atmosphere and comforted by the staff. Reservations accepted online.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 (0) 136 555 553 | Location >

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4 stars |   | Izakaya

Snug Japanese izakaya serving local dishes in a relaxed setting with an open kitchen.

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 226 638 | Location >

Raku Website


 |   | Izakaya

Warm and welcoming eatery serving delicious and authentic Izakaya staples such as sashimi, tempura and plenty of vegetarian dishes.

Lower Hirafu | T: +81 136 221 444 | Location >

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fRyunabe Niseko

 |   | Nabe Hot Pot

Ryunabe specializes in premium authentic Chinese hot pot. Traditional homemade soup bases combined with top quality ingredients and the freshest Hokkaido seafood makes Ryunabe the No.1 choice for hot pot in Hokkaido.

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 555 304 | Location >

Ryunabe Niseko Website

Steak Rosso Rosso Restaurant Niseko

Steak Rosso Rosso

4 stars |   | Steakhouse

Carefully selected and cut thick steaks to ensure juiciness. Try our beef with amazing flavour and texture.

Also featuring a large selection of imported wines and refined hospitality. A must for steak lovers.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 (0) 136 217 100 | Location >

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fSushi Wakatake

 |  | Sushi

fresh and delicious sushi dishes made from high-quality ingredients served with a creative presentation by a team of skilled chefs. Enjoy in a comfortable and peaceful setting with elegant decor.

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 555 517 | Location >

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Teuchi Soba Ichimura Restaurant Niseko

Teuchi Soba Ichimura

  | Soba Noodles

Selected ingredients and homemade Soba Noodles. Our soba noodle is made from local stone ground buckwheat and natural spring water.

Tempura made from seasonal ingredients is also recommended. Service in Japanese only.

East Hirafu | T: +81 (0) 136 230 603 | Location >

Teuchi Soba Ichimure Website

Tozanken Ramen Restaurant Niseko

Tozanken Ramen

  | Ramen

Genuine Ramen noodles in the style of those served in Asahikawa city, Hokkaido's second city.

This popular restaurant does not take reservations and offers fantastic value for money and large filling portions. Made from 100% Hokkaido Wheat Noodles, served in a smooth and rich soup.

This restaurant also has a wide selection of dishes including 'Donburi' rice bowls.

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 (0) 136 234 549 | Location >

Tsubura Tsubura Restaurant Niseko

Tsubura Tsubura

 |  | Soup Curry

Rich tasty and spicy. Everyone's favourite curry. We use locally harvested ingredients and stew our soup for two full days.

Hot pot course, tempura and a wide range of a la carte menu is also available at dinner.

East Hirafu | T: +81 (0) 136 231 116 | Location >

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fTuk Tuk

 |  | Thai

Tuk Tuk is the only Thai restaurant in Hirafu, using only the finest ingredients from Hokkaido and Thailand. The chefs will be happy to meet your request for making the food less spicy or vegetarian.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 803 293 6028 | Location >

Tuk Tuk Website

fThe Vale Bar & Grill

4 stars |  | Restaurant

Dimly lit ski-in-ski-out restaurant & bar serving pizza, steak & more at the Vale Niseko Hotel.

Upper Hirafu | T: +81 136 212 345 | Location >

The Vale Bar & Grill Website

Yukitei Restaurant

Yukitei Niseko

 |  | Japanese

A new addition to Hirafu’s most popular restaurant street.

Yukitei serves a variety of Japan's best-loved traditional dishes, including Udon Noodles made using locally harvested potatoes and water from Mt Yohtei, Melt-in-your-mouth Shabu Shabu and fresh seafood.

Middle Hirafu | +81 (0) 36 556 110 | Location >

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fYummy's Pizza

 |  | Pizza

Customers rave about the amazing wood-fired pizza's served up by Yummy's talented staff. As well as pizza, you can also enjoy a wide range of Italian-inspired dishes, all prepared with love and care.

Middle Hirafu | T: +81 136 212 239 | Location >

Yummy's Pizza Website

For a complete listing of all restaurants in the Niseko area, please check out the Niseko Wine & Dine Guide

All information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing. As details are subject to change, please check the details with the restaurant of your choosing.

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