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Resort Liner Terms & Conditions

  • Bookings can only be accepted more than 10 days in advance. However, availability is limited so guests are encouraged to book at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Bookings cannot be changed within 10 days of the travel date. If you want to change the reservation within this period, it is treated as a cancellation and a new booking.
  • Cancellation 3 to 4 days prior to the transfer date will incur a 30% cancellation fee, cancellation 2 days before transfer will incur a 40% cancellation fee and cancellation on the day before or the day of transfer will incur a 100% cancellation fee. "Cancellation" includes changes that reduce the overall value of the booking.
  • Ski or Snowboard boots must not be worn on the bus.
  • If the rest facilities are closed, the bus will not make a comfort break.
  • Bookings can only be accepted from Samurai Snow guests.
  • Bookings are not confirmed until you receive confirmation from Samurai Snow via email.
  • Bookings are subject to the Samurai Snow terms and conditions.
  • Requests for changes or cancellations should be sent via email to info [at]
  • Guests arriving on delayed flights will be put on the next available bus where possible or assisted in finding alternate transport. In the case where guests are delayed/miss the bus for reasons other than delayed flights (e.g. missed flight), 100% cancellation fee applies.
  • Depending on road conditions, adverse weather conditions and other elements which prevent the normal execution of the transfer, the transfer will be cancelled, time adjusted or stops be cancelled. No refunds are provided in such cases.