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Hakuba 47 / Goryu Ski Resort

Hakuba 47 Stats


Goryu and Hakuba 47 are a combined ski hill at the Southern end of the Hakuba Valley. These two ski hills are quite different and compliment each other such that combined they offer a good variety of piste runs, freestyle park features, a small amount of off piste tree runs and extensive backcountry terrain with extensive facilities at its three base stations. 

Snow & Weather

Like most of the resorts in the Hakuba Valley, Goryu / Hakuba 47 receives a plentiful 11m per season average snowfall. The snow on the North West facing slopes of Hakuba 47 stays in great condition, as North facing slopes are always in the shade and are unaffected by the sun.

Trail Map

Hakuba 47 / Goryu Trail Map


Goryu and Hakuba 47 are linked at the chairlifts at the top of each area and accessed using one combined lift pass. The two areas count as one resort when using the Hakuba Valley All Montain Lift Pass. The Goryu side has 19 lifts including one gondola, as the quickest way to the upper mountain and a number of shorter lifts servicing and lower and upper areas of the ski hill. Hakuba 47 is smaller by comparison with 6 lifts, including one gondola and one fast running quad chair accessing the top of the hill. The lift system if well designed and there are rarely significant queues.

Night Skiing

Night skiing and boarding is in operation on the green slopes of the Goryu side.


The side Goryu is larger with more terrain than the Hakuba 47 side with 725m of veritcal from 1675m to 950m. Goryu has a mellower pitch than the Hakuba 47 side, which has a bit of terrain to cater for all ability levels.

There is enough terrain here for a few days on the mountain to be combined with visits to other resorts in the Hakuba Valley for those staying for longer periods.

On Piste

The Goryu side has more variety of groomers, which means they tend to stay in good condition longer than the Hakuba 47 side, which has fewer piste but more terrain park and off piste options.

The official trail stats are 30% beginner, 35% intermediate, and 35% advanced.


The Goryu Toomi Zone is well suited to beginners. With long and very wide green runs, low density of traffic, served by 3x chairlifts and operating at night, those learning can do so in a great environment. For a bit of variety, there are a few more green runs in the Goryu Iimori Zone, with the Kids Wonder Land section in between.

On clear sunning days, those wanting a more challenging green run with a great view, the Line E green run served by the high speed quad lift at the top of the mountain is the place to head. The long winding Route 8 and 7 cat track is on the more difficult end of the scale as far as green runs go and runs all the way down to the base of Hakuba 47.

For kids taking their first turns, there is a magic carpet at the bottom of the Hakuba 47 side.


To keep intermediates happy, there is a selection of short but quick red runs in the upper section of the Goryu side (Alps Daira Zone), and longer reds used for gate / racing training in the Goryu Iimori Zone. There are also a couple of reds on the Hakuba 47 side but these can get a bit scraped out by snowboarders accessing the terrain features and off piste tree runs.

Advanced & Experts

The Goryu side has one black run, whilst the Hakuba 47 side has two black runs. None of these black runs are super steep and can become icy, which is great for racing, with large moguls forming on occasion.

Terrain Park

The ‘Big Terrain Park’ on the Hakuba 47 side is a good option for freestyle skiing and riding with a great superpipe at the top, a section of 2 to 3 kickers varying in size depending on the time of season and a variety of boxes and rails at the bottom.

The park is served by the A-B Lift and can be seen from the Hakuba 47 Gondola.

Off Piste Sidecountry

Off piste skiing is prohibited in both the Goryu & Hakuba 47, with the exception of the designated ‘Tree Areas’ and ‘Tree Riding Zones” on the Hakuba 47 side. The ‘Tree Areas’ are open to all visitors, whilst access to the ‘Tree Riding Zones” requires registration at the School Center next to the Base Centre Euclid at the bottom of the Hakuba 47 side and wearing one of the bibs provided.

Outside of these designated areas, the ski patrol are strict and will confiscate the lifts passes of those caught ducking ropes and fences.


Those wanting to do some backcountry skiing should hire a guide to take through the “Climber’s Route (Resort Exit)” at the top of the Goryu resort.

View Backcountry Rules & Map

Hakuba Rules and Resort Boundaries

From the Zizou Peak, there area a number of bowls to access with as little as a 30 to 60 minutes hike. On a fine day, the views are spectacular.

Private Guiding availability is in short supply, especially during peak season and should be booked a long time in advance. For more information on booking guiding with Evergreen Outdoor Centre, please click here.


The Goryu side of the resort is easily accessed from the Goryu Village located at the bottom of the Toomi Zone. The nearest villages to the Hakuba 47 side are the Misorano and Echoland Villages.

For those staying further afield there are frequent shuttle bus services connecting Goryu with Echoland, Happo One, Wadano and beyond. Bus times are available from the Happo Information Centre, your accommodation or at the bus stops themselves.

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Goryu Village

One half of the combined Goryu & Hakuba 47 ski area, Goryu's Kamishiro village is picturesque, offering ski in / ski out and forest retreat accommodations and authentic local restaurants. 

The area offers an affordable stay option for large groups and families.

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Goryu Accommodation

Goryu Accommodation

Goryu offers an affordable stay option for large groups and families.

Groups can choose one of the large self-catering properties, such as The Maple Chalet, Hakuba Mountain Chalet & Cabin or The Bear’s Den.

There are also some great value mid-range Japanese hotels such as Hotel Stelle Belle & Aqua Alpine.

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