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Madarao Inter-Resort Nagano Snow Shuttle Bus Transfer

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A convenient bus service direct between Madarao & Tangram and the other resorts in the Japan Alps - Hakuba, Myoko, Nozawa & Shiga Kogen.

Please make your way to the pickup location of the resort you are departing from. The bus will then drop you off at the drop off location in the resort to which you are travelling. 

We are only able to book transfers for guests who have already booked accommodation with Samurai Snow.

2019 / 20 Prices

Madarao Transfer Prices 2019-20

  • Passengers meet staff at their assigned location.
  • On days where weather or traffic conditions affect the flow of traffic, departures will be earlier than scheduled.
  • The bus will depart as soon as all passengers are accounted for.
  • The bus size varies depending on the number of passengers.
  • Passengers may be required to transfer once during their transfer.
  • All passengers must pre-book their seats.
  • Consumption of alcohol or smoking on board Nagano Snow Shuttle is not permitted.

2019 / 20 Timetable


To Madarao & Tangram

Madarao Timetable

Madarao timetable

From Madarao & Tangram

Madarao Inter-Resort Timetable

Pick up / Drop off Locations

There in one meeting location in Hakuba, Nozawa, Myoko and two locations in Madarao & Tangram. Please click on the links below for maps of the meeting locations:

  • Hakuba - Echoland
  • Nozawa Onsen
  • Myoko
  • Shiga Kogen - your hotel
  • Madarao - Madarao Kogen Hotel
  • Tangram - Tangram Circus Hotel

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