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Myoko Accommodation

Myoko Kogen is made up of several resorts each with their own base area: Akakura Kanko, Akakura Onsen, Ikenotaira and Suginohara.

Akakura Onsen base area has the most facilities, restaurants, bars and accomodation options. It is here that all of our accommodation options can be found.

There is a variety of room types on offer:

Western Room

Widely available and nearly always single beds with a few luxury hotels offering double bed configurations. Rooms with Twin, Triple and Quad bed configurations are the most common. There are no dedicated single rooms but most twin rooms can be booked as singles with a supplement.

Traditional Japanese Room

Traditional futon beds on tatami floors. Beds are cleared away by housekeeping staff in the mornings and laid out in the evenings, with slippers provided for wearing indoors. Combination Wa-Yo style (Western bedrooms with tatami areas) are ideal for families.

WaYo Combination Room

WaYo style are a combination of Western bed with a Traditional Tatami area, so some Western bedding and some Japanese Futon bedding. These rooms are ideal for families and groups.

View Myoko Akakura Map

View Myoko Akakura Map

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Myoko Akakura Hotel

Hotels, Ryokans & Lodges

The Myoko Kogen area offers a great range from budget hotels, pension and lodges to the deluxe 5 star Myoko Akakura Kanko Hotel.

The famous Japanese hospitality is found in abundance in Myoko hotels' friendly local staff.

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